The Saudi Arabian Market is changing in many aspects, and the focus of this study is how business development efforts need to step up.

Saudi Arabian Government “GOV”

  • Demand Size: 50-70 Billion USD.
  • Driver: Local Content, SME, Compliance, Track-Record.
  • Example: Made in Saudi Preference, Certificate of small and medium businesses, Government Permits and Ranking, Previous projects value.
  • Communication Methods: Arabic Proposals and communication with the right format, Arabic Profiles, Focusing on Vision 2030 goals, Direct and via forums and expos.


Saudi Aramco

  • Demand Size: 10 -15 Billion USD annual, Capital Expediter on projects 40-55 billion USD.
  • Driver: Safety & Compliance, IKTVA (Localization), Exceptional Services and Products.
  • Example: Cyber Security Certifications, ISO Certification or (clear processes of safety and quality), Compliance with Aramco Standards of Safety, Advanced ranking on the IKTVA program, Demonstration of the services and products to be fit/cost-effective/advanced/reliable.
  • Communication Methods: English, Professional, Presentations focused, Data-Oriented, Detailed.


  • Demand Size: 40 Billion USD annually.
  • Driver: Superior Technology/Solution, Reliability & Track-Record, Eco-Friendly.
  • Example: Relevant certifications.
  • Communication Methods: English, International affiliations.


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